Rainbow Klusters


Do you like nerds? 

Do you like gummy bears? Well, then you'll love our freeze-dried Rainbow Klusters! These little bites of heaven are our best seller for a reason - they're simply irresistible.

 Here are some of the reasons our customers love our freeze-dried Rainbow Klusters:

They're airy and crunchy, making for a unique and enjoyable texture
They're perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth without being too heavy or sickly sweet
They come in a resealable bag, so you can enjoy them at your own pace

So what are you waiting for? Order your own bag of freeze-dried Rainbow Klusters today and see what all the fuss is about!

NOTE: Some candy manufacturers prohibit the use of their names anywhere other than as an ingredient. So to prevent consumer confusion, possible trademark infringement, and to protect the Trademark rights of each manufacturer, we are obligated to inform you that we are in no way affiliated with, have a sponsorship association or represent any of the candy manufacturers listed on our site. Trademarks of these products are exclusive to each manufacturer and are NOT owned or claim to be owned by Kosmic Kraze. These freeze dried candies & goodies are NOT created by or sold by the manufacturers of the actual products.

Important Information:

PLEASE NOTE: The amount and size of pieces in each bag may vary. We do our best to securely package each item, however, due to the fragility of freeze-dried food, some of the contents may settle or break in transit. Keep out of direct sunlight and be sure to keep the bag sealed properly between snacking to preserve the freeze-dried crunch


PRO TIP: For any candy crumbs/dust left in the bag, sprinkle it on ice cream, yogurt, or icing for the ultimate treat!


We are in no way affiliated with, have a sponsorship association, or
represent any of the original candy manufacturers.